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All Aboard for a BIG adventure in 2018!


Thomas brings viewers of all ages along with him on incredible adventures around the world!  With everything you know and love about the show, plus a new show format that includes more music, more laughter, and more action-packed stories than ever before.


Thomas will travel to exciting new places including China, India and Australia.  With the Steam Team by his side, including new engines Nia and Rebecca, Thomas takes children around the world to explore and discover new countries, cultures, animals and friends!

Learn more about Thomas’ new adventures!

New Show Format

The new episodes will have more humor, fantasy sequences, additional sing-along songs and “life lessons” delivered directly by Thomas.  Within this new format, Thomas teaches young children about navigating the big world around them in a safe and preschool appropriate way.  The life lessons are relatable and valuable for every preschooler, such as trying new things and making new friends.

New Locations

For the first time in the series’ history, Thomas leaves Sodor to travel the world, experiencing and discovering new cultures and countries, including China, India and Australia! Half the episodes will take place in Sodor and the other half around the world.

What about Sodor?

Thomas’ home will always be on the Island of Sodor and half of the new series will feature stories set on Sodor with all the characters preschoolers know and love.  Sir Topham Hatt still needs his #1 Blue Engine after all!

New Characters

Fans will meet many new characters from around the world, including new girl engines Nia and Rebecca.  Nia is from Kenya, and the first African engine to be introduced.  Keep an eye out for character bios and exclusive images as the new series launch approaches!

Will we still see some familiar faces?

Absolutely! In addition to new adventures with friends on Sodor, Thomas will also visit engines from around the world that were first seen in the movie special The Great Race, including Ashima from India, Yong Bao from China and Shane from Australia.

New Steam Team

With the introduction of Nia and Rebecca, the Steam Team is evolving to include more girl engines.  Henry and Edward will be moving on to new adventures on the Island of Sodor, and Nia and Rebecca will be taking their places in Tidmouth Sheds.  The new Steam Team at Tidmouth Sheds is Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, Emily, and new characters Nia and Rebecca.

Where are Henry and Edward going?

While Henry and Edward will move out of Tidmouth Sheds to live on other parts of Sodor, they continue to be Really Useful engines who work for Sir Topham Hatt. Both Henry and Edward will continue to feature heavily in the new Series, going on fun adventures on the Island of Sodor with Thomas and their friends. 

New Theme Song

A new, energetic theme song is being introduced that will have both children and parents singing and dancing along!  A sneak-peek of the new song will be revealed as we count down to the new series launch.

What about the Roll Call song?

Fans of the Roll Call song will be pleased to hear that this song remains in musical arrangements in episodes throughout the series.

New Narrator

For the first time, Thomas narrates his own stories, and speaks directly to the audience at the beginning and end of each episode.  Children now get to hear from the #1 blue engine himself!