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Thomas & Friends Birthday Party - Themes & Activities - Kids Birthday Party Ideas | Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends Birthday Party


If your engineer is having a Thomas-themed birthday and you want to get the party off on the right track, look no further than Thomas' Birthday Party Depot - the latest and greatest stop for Thomas-themed craft ideas, activities, photos and more!

For birthday products visit the official Thomas & Friends birthday shop.

Prepare for the Party

8 Weeks Prior

  • Pick your date and time. Be sure all travelling- or nearby- relatives save-the-date!
  • Write out your guest list; keep a column for RSVP and one for gift information, so the thank you process goes smoothly!
  • Purchase or make invitations and thank you cards; send or hand out the invites!

2-4 Weeks Prior

1 Week Prior

  • Make your goody bags!
  • Shop for non-perishable foods, including hand wipes which is a simpler solution than sending a group of kids to the sink before cake time!

Day Before/Day

  • Set tables and Activity Stations with all required supplies.
  • Make sure menu is prepared & food orders are placed if you are having the party during mealtime.
  • Pick up or inflate Thomas balloons.
  • Pick-up or make cake (Tip: Put a book of matches near the cake knife/server).

Post Party

  • When sending thank you notes, if your child cannot write his own name, be sure to have him draw a picture or do a scribble - it personalises the card and instils in your child the importance of gracious gift receiving!


Add More Color and Creativity

Print out copies of Thomas' birthday card. All your guests can color their own birthday card.

Ticket to Ride

All Aboard! At Thomas' Birthday Party Express, there are lots of stations for fun and adventure. Give each party guest a Ticket to Ride and send them off to Great Destinations!

Engine Escapade

Peep Peep. It's full steam ahead for your favorite engineers as they steer their custom engines around your house!

Click here to download.

Thomas Frame

Photographs are a special way to remember events. What better activity at a Thomas party than a Thomas photo frame? Photos of the birthday boy with his friends are a wonderful and personal addition to a thank you note...or rather, a TANK YOU note!

Click here to download.


Sir Topham Hatt Says

Children will have fun playing this version of "Simon Says." The birthday child can start this game by being Sir Topham Hatt while the others can pretend to be Thomas, Percy, or another favorite character. Only when your child shouts "Sir Topham Hatt," do the children follow the command. For example, "Sir Topham Hatt says, bend your knees," "Sir Topham Hatt says, put your hands on a friend's shoulders," "Sir Topham Hatt, pretend you're an engine." If they don't hear "Sir Topham Hatt," no one should move. The game should be all about having fun, not winning!

Twenty Questions

One player is Sir Topham Hatt and has to pick an engine on the Island of Sodor. All the children can ask 20 questions of Sir Topham Hatt, all of which must be answered by 'yes' or 'no'. Go around in a circle so each child get a chance to ask a question. The child who guesses the correct engine gets to become Sir Topham Hatt at and the game begins again.