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DIY Train Track Placemat

Make their next meal train-tastic!


Bring some Thomas fun to the table with this super-easy DIY train track placemat. It'll keep your kids occupied while they're waiting to fuel their engines!


• Brown kraft paper

• Pencil

• Oil pastel, marker, or colored pencil (white)

• Train track pieces

• Washi tape (white)

• Kid-size cutlery


1. Cut a rectangle from brown kraft paper. Gently tape the corners down, if necessary. 

2. Arrange track pieces in a circle on the kraft paper; using a pencil, make light marks on both the inside and outside rings of the track. Remove the track pieces.

3. Lay the cutlery pieces down on the paper and trace using a pencil. Remove the cutlery.

4. Using the marks as your guide, use a white oil pastel or marker and trace the circles. 

5. Use a white oil pastel or marker to trace the cutlery outlines.

6. Cut small pieces of washi tape and apply to the circles to create the train tracks.

7. Just add engines for pre-meal fun!

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.


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