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How to Make a Thomas Fidget Spinner

For your fidgety little one!





Washi tape

Engine face cutout

2 beads

6 washers 

Hot glue gun

Dot stickers


1/8” hole punch



1. Cut cardboard into a 2.5” equilateral triangle. 

2. Cover cardboard in tape.

3. Glue engine face on triangle.

4. Poke hole in the center of triangle (through engine nose).

5. Hot glue center of a bead and push toothpick into it.

6. Place toothpick through triangle, forming engine nose with the bead end.

7. Cut toothpick to 1/4” tall.

8. Place bead on the other end of shortened toothpick, and hot glue it in place.

9. Hot glue washers on each corner of triangle, placing a washer on each side of the cardboard corner.

10. Adhere stickers to washers.

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! Kingloff posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines.


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