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12 Travel Tips from Parents of Thomas Fans

Hint: Bringing loads of trains is totally normal...

Keeping your kid happy during your travels can be a challenge, but for many parents, it's Thomas & Friends to the rescue! We guarantee you'll relate to these families—and score some new ideas, too.

1. “I always pack Thomas & Friends coloring pages and a small pack of crayons in my son's backpack, and we like to play 'I Spy a Train' as a family. Another great idea is placing a plastic seat cover over the passenger seat in front of him and letting him decorate it with Thomas & Friends stickers.” —Rebecca

2. “We always take along everything-Thomas that my son has: his shirt, PJs, blanket, sippy cup, lots of snacks in his Thomas bowl, and—of course—his Thomas Easy Ups.” —Natasha

3. “We play a humming game where we take turns humming parts of our favorite Thomas songs and the others have to try to guess which song it is. We also play ‘Thomas Guess Who?’ by giving very detailed clues about various trains on Sodor. Both games keep my son entertained for hours.” —Andrea

4. “We have our kids pack their Thomas & Friends trains in their own Thomas and Percy backpack. This worked like magic for me because the backpack also has tracks designed into the outer compartment that could lay flat over the airplane seat tray. In the main compartment of the backpack, we stashed a Thomas & Friends activity book, so I was covered for a long journey on the plane!” —Arati

5. “I once made a table for my son for our long car ride that he could put his trains on while also watching Thomas movies. We drove to Florida, so for 12 hours, it was ‘Choo, choo!'” —Diane

6. “We just traveled to Peru and our son stayed busy by coloring, drawing with his favorite Thomas & Friends magnetic drawing pad, and opening up MINIS that we surprised him with during the plane ride. He also loved watching Thomas & Friends episodes that we downloaded on the tablet, and he took naps on his favorite Thomas-shaped pillow that he got for Christmas.” —Raquel

7. “We pack a huge tote filled with wooden tracks, TrackMaster tracks, and MINI tracks—and, of course, all of the trains that go with them. My son brings it all with him every time we travel the four hours to grandma’s and grandpa's! Don't forget the conductor hat!” —Maggie

8. “If it's a long road trip, we always bring a bin full of his Thomas & Friends train collections and his MINI collection, as well as plenty of Thomas & Friends CDs to play in the car. If it's only a short trip, we just bring a few of Thomas trains, but the Thomas DVDs are always in the car no matter what.” —Kristine

9. “My kids grab their Thomas backpacks and fill them with train tracks and MINIS, along with Thomas cookies. And I must dress them comfortably with Thomas clothing, such as their PJs or T-shirts.” —Mayra

10. “My son always gets to pick two trains wherever we go, whether it's the grocery store or a long trip. If we’re going away, we pack a few trains in his Thomas carrying case, or if it's a big trip, we load up all of the trains in a small tote along with a few tracks. He could care less if I pack clothing or diapers or other necessities; he just wants to make sure his trains are packed!” —Jayne

11. “Thomas the Train videos, coloring books, reading books, and his Thomas pillow make traveling fun for him and quiet for us. The Thomas MINIS on a tray work well, and you can take them to a restaurant, too.” —Lea

12. “We bring a Thomas backpack filled with snacks, drinks, and Thomas trains. We have Thomas activity books, as well as Thomas apps and music on his tablet. Take-N-Play sets travel well and make for lots of fun!” —Ann