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What does Thomas mean to your child?

Thomas is a real friend to kids. Inspired by his adventures in episodes or books, your child then lives out their own Thomas stories through imaginative train play. As a result they begin to understand important life lessons about problem solving and their emotions.  Through their friendship with Thomas, you may witness physical, cognitive and social growth.



When their eyes open wide to the sights, colours, voices, sounds, textures and locations in Thomas’ world their senses and imaginations are sparked.

Fine Motor

On the floor, holding the engines and engaging with their features promote hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

Gross Motor

Chugging trains up, down and all around the tracks encourages physical activity by getting their little arms and legs moving in a big way.

Balance & Coordination

While engaged in their own stories with their toys, they bustle around to arrange the train cars, and in the process help improve their balance and coordination.



Curiosity & Discovery

Playing with the variety of toy features and watching episodes or movies inspires them to explore how things work and what mechanisms cause exciting actions.

Imagination & Creativity

Following an episode or storybook, kids naturally start creating their own stories about the world of Sodor. They connect the themes to their stories, which come to life through imaginative play with the engines, accessories and locations.

Thinking & Problem Solving

Kids love to figure out how things work. You can see them concentrate and experiment as they play with the levers, ramps and cargo activities.


Your child watches an engine’s magnet hook pull a car in and connect. They roll the train down a ramp and over a bridge. And they begin to understand concepts such as over/under, in/out, fast/slow, magnetic force and gravity.


Social & Emotional

Sharing & Cooperation

Playing “trains” with friends, real or imaginary, allows your child to act out the Thomas themes of empathy, taking turns, “working” together and more.

Listening & Communication

Captivated by Thomas and his friends’ adventures in episodes, toys and books, your child listens and the universal themes encourage them to start give-and-take conversations.

Self-Expression & Confidence

With so many personalities in Sodor your child becomes aware of diversity and builds self-confidence in being who they are.

Security & Happiness

Thomas and his friends become more real the more your child engages with their familiar faces. The smiles Thomas creates are the smiles of being reunited with a friend.