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Dinos & Discoveries Dig

Dinos & Discoveries Dig

Kids love to explore and discover new things.  What if they could discover dinosaurs?  With this Thomas activity, they can!

Time: 10-15 minutes

To prepare Dinos & Discoveries Dig, you will need:

  • Sandbox or plastic tub with sand
  • Toy dinosaurs
  • Thomas engine toys
  • Tape or earthquake putty
  • Sand shovel

The Right Track:

  1. Use tape or the putty to attach one of the dinosaurs to the back of your child’s favourite engine.
  2. In the sandbox, bury the dinosaurs at various spots and various depths.  Then bury the engine and connected dinosaur with the front of the engine peeking out of the sand.
  3. Invite your child to the sandbox and set up the scenario that the engine fell off the tracks when trying to pull something from the sand and is now stuck. The engine needs your child’s help.  Once your child pulls the engine out of the sand and sees the dinosaur, exclaim,  “You found a dinosaur!”
  4. Next, hand your child a shovel and ask them to dig and discover more dinosaurs.  To help your child with their numbers, tell them how many dinosaurs are buried and when they find one ask them how many dinosaurs are left to find.