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Train vs. Dino

Train vs. Dino: How Big Are They?

A kid sees a real train and they are amazed at the size of the engine.  But they don’t often get to see the scale of another childhood favourite — dinosaurs.  Thomas wants to help!

The Right Track:

  1. Use the wooden stakes, cardboard and marker to make signs for Thomas, T-Rex and Argentinosaurus.
  2. Head out to a wide field where there is at least 45m of open space.
  3. Select a starting point and put a stake in the ground for reference.
  4. Thomas, who was based on a Billinton E2 Class 0-6-OT engine, would be 9.17m long.  Measure out that length and put the Thomas sign there.
  5. Now ask your child to start at the starting point and run to the point they think would be the length of a T-rex.
  6. A T-rex was 12.2m long. Measure out that length and put the T-rex sign there. Compare with your child the length of Thomas and the T-rex.
  7. Then tell your child that the Argentinosaurus is one of the longest dinosaurs ever and see if they can run to the point this dinosaur would stretch to.  Once they reach their spot, measure out 36.5m from the starting point and put the sign down for the Argentinosaurus. See how good your child’s guess was.
  8. You can expand on this activity by picking your child’s favourite dinosaur to add as well.

To prepare, you will need:

  • A tape measure
  • Wooden stakes
  • Cardboard
  • Markers