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Discover Dino-mite Art, Snacks & More

Odkrywamy dino-mitową sztukę, przekąski i nie tylko

Jak widzieliśmy na płycie DVD z filmami z serii „Dinozaury i odkrycia”, Tomek i przyjaciele uwielbiają spotkania z dinozaurami. Te zainteresowania lokomotyw doskonale współgrają z fascynacjami dzieci. Przedstawione tu dino-zabawy zapewnią dzieciom mnóstwo radości i smacznych przekąsek!

Move Like a Dino

Here’s a fun way to get them moving.  Print out pictures of their favorite engines and dinosaurs.  Talk about how the engines and dinosaurs would move.  Fly, walk on two legs, on four legs, slow or fast.  Then have them act out how a short armed, two-legged T-rex would move or how would the fast Thomas move differently than the slower Ferdinand.

Dinos in Clay

Making dinosaurs out of clay is always a fun way for kids to get creative.  Add a fun lesson with your Thomas engines.  Measure the toy.  In the real world, Thomas would be 30 feet long.  Calculate the scale and then make a dinosaur to scale with the toy engine.  The Argentinosaurus is four times as big as Thomas!

Fossil Food

For a great close to these dinosaur activities, you can end with some fossil snacks.  Just take circular crackers and spread on cream cheese or peanut butter.  Then take goldfish or dinosaur shaped crackers and make an imprint in the cheese or peanut butter.  Now you have a yummy fossil snacks!