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Everyone is Special

In each Thomas episode, the engines learn that they are all special in their own way. Here are some activities that you and your child can do together to reinforce this lesson.

Give Yourself a Hand!

Trace your child’s hand and cut out several paper hands. They can color them with crayons or markers. Ask, “What are some things you are especially good at doing?” On each paper hand, write down some of your child’s answers. Hang the hands around the house. Displaying the hands around the house will make your child feel proud of all the things they are especially good at doing and will remind them they are special and unique.

“I Did It” Badge

Children will feel proud of their accomplishments when they wear an “I Did It” badge. With a button kit or a round piece of cardboard, make a badge that congratulates your child for good work or a special occasion. Choose messages such as “Mommy’s Helper” or “#1 Big Sister!”

Terrific Trains…Terrific Tots!

Each of the trains on the Island of Sodor looks different, just as all children look different from one another. Have your child draw a picture of his favorite train. Ask them to describe what makes each train different from the other trains (color, shape, etc.). Next, talk about ways in which we are similar and ways in which we are different. Provide a mirror to look into. Talk about your child’s hair color, eye color, freckles, dimples and eyebrows; all of the features that make him special. Encourage him to draw a self portrait.