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On Track Off Track

On Track Off Track… Friendship Fun!

A variation of hide-and-go-seek and hot-and-cold, this game is good for up to six friends to get working together!

The following activities are designed for parents and children to do together. Supervision of children with materials such as glue, scissors, etc is strongly recommended.

Prep Time: 2 Minutes

Game Time: As long as kids are engaged and having fun!

To Play On Track Off Track, you will need:

  • 1 Thomas Engine
  • Tidmouth Shed (or other 'home base' location)
  1. Hide the Thomas engine in a safe, reachable location.
  2. Send the aspiring engineers to find their missing friend, Thomas, and bring him home.
  3. Every five steps, the engineers must stop and find out if they are ‘on track’ to find Thomas, or ‘off track.’
  4. The person who originally hid Thomas gets to yell ‘On Track’ or ‘Off Track’ depending on whether the engineers are close to the hidden Thomas.
  5. The person who discovers Thomas and brings him back to Tidmouth Sheds is the winner for that game and gets to hide Thomas for Round 2!
  6. You may mix it up by hiding other friends, like Percy, James or other engines, and allocating points. Kids may get the number of points as determined by the number on each engine’s side. This is a great way for kids to practice number identification and simple addition!
When your best friend is a train, you can go anywhere.