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DIY Thomas Cardboard Railway Station

Personalize this amazing craft with your little engineer's name

Create this custom railway station for your child—and watch their delight as they maneuver their favorite engines into a station named after them!


• Cardboard box

• Extra cardboard

• Pencil 

• Utility knife

• Scissors

• Washi tape

• Construction paper

• Glue stick

• Hot glue gun

• Paper straws (silver, and red/white)

• Metal fastener/brad

• 2 red buttons

• White cardstock

• Letter stickers

• Hole punch


For the station base:

1. Draw two tunnels on each box side.

2. Cut out with utility knife.

For the station walls:

1. Cut 1” strips of red construction paper and cut into uneven smaller pieces.

2. Use a glue stick to attach the paper pieces to the sides of the box, creating a brick pattern.

3. Attach washi tape around the tunnel openings. 

For the station roof:

1. Fold a rectangular piece of cardboard in half and crease to form the roof.

2. Cut 1” strips of construction paper to decorate the roof. 

3. Glue the paper strips to each side of the roof cardboard and then hot glue the roof to the station.

For the awning and bench:

1. Cut out a piece of 2” x 5” cardboard for the bench. Cut out a piece of 3” x 6” cardboard for the awning. 

2. Glue roof paper to one side of the awning cardboard.

3. Fold one ½” edge of cardboard and glue the other edge to the side to create awning.

4. Fold the 2” x 5” piece of cardboard and hot glue it to create a bench.

For the RR sign and gate:

1. Cut out a 2” x 2” piece of cardboard for the crossing gate base.

2. Cut the silver and red/white straws. 

3. Punch a hole in the end of the red/white straw and one in about 2” from the bottom of the silver straw. 

4. Use metal fastener to attach the straws together.

5. Glue the red buttons to the side of the silver straw.

6. Cut two 1” by ¼” pieces of white cardstock and glue to the top of silver straw.

7. Glue bottom of straw to a small square of cardboard.

For the station sign:

1. Cut a small piece of gray cardstock for a sign. 

2. Use letter stickers to write your child's name on the sign. 

3. Use the glue stick to attach the sign above the tunnels.

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines. 

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.