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Thomas & Friends DIY Cupcake Stand

Your train-lover will have a very happy birthday party with this cupcake stand as the centerpiece!


Green construction paper

Various colors of craft paper (white, light gray, light blue, light green, green, black, red)


Cake stand

Glue stick

15 oz soup can

White pompoms

Hot glue gun

Paper tape or clear tape



1. Cut a piece of green paper large enough to reach the top of the cupcake stand and wide enough to wrap around the circumference of stand. 

2. Set up track around base of cake stand. 

3. Tape paper loosely around cake stand.

4. Mark two spots where tunnel runs through paper stand.

5. Unwrap the paper and lay flat on table.

6. Cut out tunnel arches that are wide and tall enough to fit toy engine.

7.  Lay tunnel cutouts on red paper and cut out 2 arches that are about 1” wider. 

8. Cut out slits on red paper to make a brick arch.

9. Cut mountains from gray paper.

10. Cut mountain tops from white paper.

11. Cut various bushes and trees from light green paper.

12. Cut crossing signal from white and black paper.

13. Arrange all elements on green paper and glue with glue stick.

14. Wrap around cake stand and seal with hot glue.

15. Wrap blue paper around soup can and glue.

16. Glue white pompoms together to make clouds.

17. Glue clouds to blue can.

18. Set can on top of cake stand.

19. Arrange track on top of cake stand in a circle around the blue can. 

20. Fill in with cupcakes and trains!

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines. 

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.