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DIY Train Track Massage Shirt

This handmade tee will make everyone happy!

When an easy DIY craft project results in fun for them and a massage for you, we call that a win-win!


• T-shirt

• Tracks

• Pencil

• Permanent marker (black)

• Kitchen sponges

• Paint (black, blue, green, brown, red, and yellow)

• Scissors

• Cardboard


1. Fit the T-shirt tightly over a large piece of cardboard to create a smooth working surface.

2. Lay track pieces on the back of the shirt in your desired pattern.

3. Trace pattern with a pencil, and then again with the permanent marker.

4. Cut a kitchen sponge into triangle, small rectangle, large circle, small circle, large rectangle, and large triangle shapes.

5. Dip the flat, rectangular side of the large triangle piece of sponge into black paint to create the railroad ties; sponge onto the T-shirt.

6. Stamp a circle in yellow to create a RR sign.

7. Stamp a small circle in blue to create a lake.

8. Stamp a triangle in green to create treetops and a small rectangle in brown for the tree trunks.

9. Stamp a large rectangle in red for a building and a large triangle in yellow for the roof.

10. Once all the paint is dry, add marker details.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.