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DIY Thomas Pumpkin

This no-carve pumpkin craft is a cute, easy way to add a touch of Thomas to your Halloween decor!


A craft pumpkin, paint, and cotton batting are all you need to create this adorable "Thomas-o-lantern" — no carving required. Happy Halloween!


• Orange craft pumpkin

• Paint (blue, black, gray, red, white)

• Paint palette

• Toilet paper tube

• Batting

• White pipe cleaner

• Pen or pencil

• Small plate to trace


1. Paint the craft pumpkin blue, and then let it dry.

2. Flip the pumpkin over and set it in a small bowl; paint the bottom red. Let dry.

3. Paint the pumpkin stem black. Let dry.

4. Using a small round plate, trace a circle onto the pumpkin for Thomas's face. 

5. Paint the circle gray and let dry.

6. Using a pencil, trace Thomas's face onto the gray circle; then paint the face using white and black paint.

7. Paint a black ring around the gray circle. Let dry.

8. Paint a toilet paper tube black; let it dry and then hot-glue it over the pumpkin stem.

9. Fill the toilet paper tube with the batting.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.


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