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DIY Trick or Treat Bag

There's no cuter way to haul your Halloween loot!

When it comes to collecting Halloween candy, this DIY trick or treat bag is really useful, indeed!


• Shoe box with lid

• Black duct tape

• Black jar lids (6)

• Acrylic paint (blue, black) 

• Paintbrush

• Water cup 

• Paper towel  

• Paint palette 

• Construction paper (Blue, red, yellow) 

• Skinny washi tape (blue, red)

• Black marker

• Red masking tape 

• Two silver straws 

• Two large yellow buttons

• Two large black buttons 

• Toilet paper tube 

• Batting 

• Extra large tuna fish can 

Thomas face print out 

• Number “1” stencil 

• Pencil 

• Scissors 

• Hot glue 

• Ruler 

• Plate 


1. Paint four sides of the box blue and set aside.

2. Paint four sides of lid black and set aside.

3. Paint the outside of the toilet paper tube black and set aside. 

4. Wrap the edge of the tuna can in black tape.

5. Cut out Thomas’ face and glue to tuna can.

6. Trace the end of the box onto blue paper (or measure and draw line); trace plate on top edge. Cut out.

7. Draw a black line on the top rounded edge.

8. Glue yellow buttons to top corners; glue black buttons on top.

9. Trim each side in thin red tape.

10. Cut out yellow and red number “1”s. Glue together and glue on box sides.

11. Hot glue box to lid.

12. Wrap red masking tape around box and lid seam.

13. Make wheels with tape and lids.

14. Glue wheels onto sides.

15. Glue silver straws to wheels.

16. Glue the Thomas face to front.

17. Glue blue paper to the inside front.

18. Glue on the smoke stack. Hot-glue some batting to the top of the smoke stack for steam.

19. Make handle.

20. Glue/tape in handle.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.