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DIY Veggie Trains

Vegetables taste better when they're shaped like trains!

Cucumbers, carrots, and peppers will disappear without delay when  they're turned into this fun veggie train. Your kids will be all aboard this healthy snack!


• Large and paring knives and cutting board

• 2 Cucumbers (1 large and 1 small)

• Carrots

• Small red bell pepper

• Small yellow pepper

• Radish

• String bean

• Fresh rosemary sprig 

• Whipped cream cheese and/or hummus


For the Cucumber Locomotive Train:

1. Cut a cucumber piece so the bottom is flat.

2. Cut another slice a little bit longer.

3. Make a hole in the top of the longer slice.

4. Insert a string bean.

5. Add in a rosemary sprig for "smoke."

6. Add a slice of red bell pepper for the roof.

7. Cut 6 small carrot rounds for wheels and attach with cream cheese.

For the Pepper Cargo Train:

1. Cut, seed, and core a large pepper piece.

2. Cut carrot wheels and attach with cream cheese.

3. Fill pepper chunk with hummus or other dip.

For the Cucumber Cargo Train:

1. Cut and core a thick piece of cucumber.

2. Cut and attach carrot wheels.

3. Fill with strips of red bell pepper.

Optional: Cut extra round veggie pieces (radish, peppers) to make "signs" and use toothpicks to attach them; anchor with additional carrot rounds.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.