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DIY Volcano Explosion

This volcano explosion activity will have your kids bubbling over with excitement

You can create this fun, easy DIY volcano explosion with items you probably already have in your kitchen. Just make sure you and your kids wear safety goggles and use a pan or tray to contain the mess. Keep in mind that this activity calls for food coloring—so use rubber gloves if you want to keep hands clean!


• Safety goggles

• 1 liter plastic bottle 

• Clear dish soap

• Hydrogen Peroxide

• Active dry yeast

• Warm water

• Measuring cup

• Measuring spoons (optional)

• Funnel

• Tray

• Cup

• Spoon

• Food Coloring


1. Put on safety goggles.

2. Pour yeast into a cup, add 3 tablespoons of warm water, and stir until dissolved. Set aside.

3. Bring in the tray and set the bottle on top.

4. Squirt 1 T. of dish soap into the bottle.

5. Measure 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and pour it into the bottle using the funnel.

6. Add several drops of food coloring into the bottle and swirl around to mix.

7. Place the funnel in the bottle, and pour in the dissolved yeast.

8. Quickly remove funnel and watch it erupt! 

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines.

This experiment is not intended for children under age three. Parents and children should wear safety goggles. Be aware that spillage is possible; a pan or tray should be used to contain the mess. Wear rubber gloves if there are concerns about temporary discoloration from food dye.