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DIY Thomas Shirts

Let your kids declare their love of Thomas and his friends with these fun DIY T-shirts

Your Thomas fan can wear his heart on his sleeve—or, um, chest—with these cute, easy-to-make T-shirts. Make one today!


For the "Engine Names" shirt:

• T-Shirt 

• Fabric ink pad

• Washi tape

• Alphabet stamps

For the "I Love Thomas" shirt:

• T-Shirt 

• Craft foam or stencils

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Small plastic plate

• Fabric paint

• Paintbrushes


For the "Engine Names" shirt:

1. Line ruler up on shirt; apply a strip of washi tape.

2. Using stamps and fabric ink pad, stamp out the names of your child's favorite engines. Let dry.

3. Remove washi tape. 

For the "I Love Thomas" shirt:

1. Cut a piece of craft foam into the letter "I" and a heart shape, or use stencils.

2. Trace the letter "I" and a heart onto the T-shirt with a pencil.

3. Trace a circle shape for Thomas's face using a small plastic plate as your guide.

4. Fill in the "I" with black fabric paint; fill in the heart with red fabric paint; fill in the circle with gray fabric paint. Let dry.

5. Using white fabric paint, draw two circles for Thomas's eyes; then add in the mouth, nose, and eyebrow details for Thomas's face onto the gray circle. Let dry.

6. Using black fabric paint, add the remaining eye details to the white circles. Let dry. 

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines. 

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.