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DIY James Cupcake Cake

Splendid—and so easy to serve!

This cupcake cake is super simple and is easily adapted to create any favorite engine.


• 24 unfrosted cupcakes

• Chocolate frosting

• Vanilla frosting

• Graham crackers

• Chocolate sandwich cookies

• Black sanding sugar

• Chocolate snack cake roll

• Marshmallow

• Gumdrop

• 4 large rice cereal treats

• 2 chocolate candies

• Yellow, red, and black food coloring

• 2 black licorice twists

• Scissors


1. Spread chocolate frosting on graham cracker, snack cake roll, and chocolate cookies. Coat all in sanding sugar.

2. Press cereal treats together, flatten with rolling pin, and mold into a round shape for the face.

3. Slice marshmallow into four pieces. Place gumdrop on face for nose and two marshmallow slices for cheeks. 

4. Tint vanilla frosting gray by adding black food coloring. Warm and pour over cereal treat face. 

5. Trim remaining marshmallow slices and place as eyes. Place marshmallow trimming for mouth and add chocolate candies for pupils. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

6. Arrange cupcakes in four rows of four followed by one row of five. Arrange one cupcake at top and two at the bottom.

7. Place graham crackers squares in between cupcakes to allow for smooth, hole-free spreading.

8. Create yellow-gold frosting by tinting vanilla frosting with red and yellow coloring. Frost top cupcake.

9. Tint vanilla frosting red and frost the four rows of cupcakes, as well as the last row of five.

10. Frost the bottom cupcake wheels with the chocolate frosting.

11. Add the grey engine face and the finishing touches!

Alan Richardson and Karen Tack are the bakers and best-selling authors behind Hello, Cupcake!, What's New, Cupcake?, and Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My!

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.