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DIY Magic Cube

With just a few materials, you can make this easy DIY craft

Using wood cubes and tape, you can create this easy magic cube. Make two—you might just want one for yourself!


• 8 wood cubes

• Clear tape

• Tacky glue

• Paint brushes

• Colored pencils

Coloring sheets

• Scissors 

• Paint

• Pencil 


1. Paint wood cubes. Let dry.

2. While cubes are drying, have kids color in coloring sheets.

3. Join two blocks with a piece of tape. Use tape on both sides to reinforce the hinge. Label the hinge with the number 1. (Use this diagram as a guide for hinge placements.)

4. Place a block on the left top of your construction to make hinge 2. (Reinforce all hinges using tape on both sides.)

5. Place a block on the right top of your construction to make hinge 3.

6. Using four more cubes, make three more hinges (numbered 4, 5, and 6) just like the first three, so you have two identical constructions of four cubes each.

7. Orient the two halves back to back and attach at the top with tape to create hinges 7 and 8.

8. Cut out engines from coloring sheet, dividing each image into four squares. Glue coloring sheets to blocks to finish!

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kidand Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.