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How to Make a No-Bake Thomas Cake

It all starts with a store-bought pound cake!

What you’ll need:

• Store-bought pound cake

• Cookies: Sugar cookies, chocolate wafer cookies, and chocolate sandwich cookies

• Frosting: Vanilla and chocolate

• Food coloring: Grey and blue

• Donuts: Chocolate and plain

• Blue candy melts

• Candy: Licorice lace, gumdrops, blue and yellow candies

• Blue sticks of gum

• Fruit roll

• Pretzel sticks


1. Trim a 2-inch slice from the end of the pound cake and reserve for later. Level the remaining cake.

2. Make a 2-inch horizontal cut one inch from the trimmed base of the cake. Make a vertical cut in the top of the cake straight down to meet the end of the horizontal cut and remove the small 2-inch piece.

3. Place the remaining cake on a cardboard cut to fit.

4. Using frosting, attach the small 2-inch piece to the top of the untrimmed end of the cake. To shape the cabin of the engine, use frosting to attach the reserved slice on top of the small piece.

5. Use frosting to attach plain donut halves, cut side down, to the center portion of the cake.

6. Spread frosting over the entire cake and smooth.

7. Freeze for 30 minutes.

8. In the meantime, make the wheels by piping blue candy melts around the outside edge of a chocolate sandwich cookie.

9. Wrap gum around each cookie to make 6 wheels and then fill will melted blue candy on one side. 

10. Create support for under the cake by sandwiching six pairs of cookies together with frosting and setting aside.

11. Create the face with grey frosting, sugar cookies, chocolate donut, and candies. 

12. Spread blue frosting over chilled cake, leaving 1-inch unfrosted on the bottom.

13. Press licorice lace into the frosting to outline the sections of the engine. Wrap the fruit leather around the base of the cake, pressing it into the frosting.

14. Assemble the engine by starting with the cookie supports, then the cake (with the cardboard) on top, and attaching the chocolate donut with the sugar cookie face.

15. Add the finishing touches by using the pretzel and gumdrop for a smokestack, yellow and blue candies for decorations, and chocolate wafer cookies as tracks.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.