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DIY Percy Tissue Box

Perfect for when you "a-choo-choo!"

It all starts with a shoebox! Not only will your kid love helping you paint this Percy tissue box, it makes fighting sniffles a little more fun.


• scissors

• black paint

• paintbrushes

• small box

• shoebox without lid or shoebox-sized box

• empty concentrated juice container

• green paint

• cardboard oval bigger than coffee can lid

• black coffee can lid

• printout of Percy’s face

• box of tissues

• 2 yellow card stock in shape of "6"

• red marker

• black card stock cut to small box size

• small white card stock rectangle for window

• 4 wheel-sized black jar lids

• green washi tape (for wheel spokes)

• red washi tape

• hot glue and glue gun

• small cardboard square



1. Paint the juice container “funnel” black and cut down container.

2. Use the juice container metal lid to trace a hole on top of the shoebox and cut out.

3. Paint oval cardboard, shoebox, and sides of small box green.

4. Add “spokes” to wheels using tape.

5. Cut out Percy’s face and glue face to coffee can lid.

6. Put funnel inside hole and glue on the inside of the box.

7. Attach small box and black card stock to the top with glue.

8. Glue on white card stock windows.

9.  Add tape trim at bottom. Add thin red tape stripes around top and sides. Trim ends with a scissor.

10. Using a hot glue gun, attach the wheels and "6" shapes. Attach the green oval to the front of the box and the cardboard square to the back of the coffee can lid (face) on top of the oval.

11. Put a tissue box underneath and pull tissue up through the funnel.

Jodi Levine is a crafter and author. Levine's works, Candy Aisle Crafts, Paper Goods Projects, and, are all about crafts made from everyday supermarket materials. Jodi contributes to national magazines and television shows while also working with brands such as Fisher-Price and Mattel.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.