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DIY Engine Face Cupcakes

Level up ordinary treats with these awesome toppers

Once you cool your melted candy into clay, you can make any engine face you want!


• pre-made frosted cupcakes

• white candy melts (reserve two for later)

• black candy melt wafers

• ¼ cup light corn syrup

• plain round chocolate cookie

• candy eyes

• mini marshmallow

• bowl

• spatula

• wax paper

• rolling pin

• cookie cutter

• scissors

• toothpick

• small bowl for white candy melt

• black icing in a plastic piping bag


To make grey candy clay:

1. Melt white and black candy melts according to packaging and at half-power on the microwave.

2. Pour in corn syrup and stir well.

3. Pour onto wax paper and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes.

To make the faces:

1. Pull off a chunk of the clay that's ready and knead well to soften.

2. Roll out a thin layer and use a round cookie cutter to cut out a face.

3. Place a thin chocolate cookie on top.

4. Press on candy eyes.

5. Roll out small balls of the clay to make cheeks and a nose, and press on around eyes.

6. Cut a thin piece of marshmallow for the mouth and press on.

7. Melt extra two white candy melts and dot on eyes.

8. Use black icing to add eyebrows.

9. Place cookie face on top of frosted cupcake.

Jodi Levine is a crafter and author. Levine's works, Candy Aisle Crafts, Paper Goods Projects, and, are all about crafts made from everyday supermarket materials. Jodi contributes to national magazines and television shows while also working with brands such as Fisher-Price and Mattel.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.