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How to Make a Thomas Fidget Spinner

For your fidgety little one!




Washi tape

Engine face cutout

2 beads

6 washers 

Hot glue gun

Dot stickers


1/8” hole punch



1. Cut cardboard into a 2.5” equilateral triangle. 

2. Cover cardboard in tape.

3. Glue engine face on triangle.

4. Poke hole in the center of triangle (through engine nose).

5. Hot glue center of a bead and push toothpick into it.

6. Place toothpick through triangle, forming engine nose with the bead end.

7. Cut toothpick to 1/4” tall.

8. Place bead on the other end of shortened toothpick, and hot glue it in place.

9. Hot glue washers on each corner of triangle, placing a washer on each side of the cardboard corner.

10. Adhere stickers to washers.

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! Kingloff posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.