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How to Make a DIY Thomas Halloween Costume

Go trick-or-treating in style with this awesome Thomas costume!


• 12 x 12 x 12 cardboard box

• 13 x 18 x 3 Express shipping box

• Blue wrapping paper

• Craft foam in grey, white, black, red, and yellow

• Number “1” stencil (3”)

• 2 large black plastic plates (10")

• 6 small black plastic dessert plates (7")

• Blue duct tape

• Blue yarn

• Double sided tape

• Black ribbon (1.5”-2” wide)

• Toilet paper roll

• Batting

• White pipe cleaner

• Marker

• Three jar lids - 3”, 4”, 5”

• Scissors

• Hot glue gun

• 8" Thomas face printout

• Ruler

• Pen

A. Make the Thomas face

1. Glue black foam around toilet paper tube to create the smokestack. Set aside.

2. Glue 2 large plates together.

3. Trace bottom of plate onto gray foam. Cut out circle.

4. Trace one end of toilet paper roll onto white foam, then cut out two eyes.

5. Draw and cut out white mouth shape, black eyebrows and pupils, gray nose, cheeks, and bottom mouth.

6. Glue face together, and then glue the face to the bottom of one plate. Set aside.

B. Create craft foam cutouts 

1. Cut out ten 18” x ½” strips of red foam with ruler and marker.

2. Trace small plate onto red craft foam. Cut out circle.

3. Cut red circle in half and into 2 arch shapes.

4. Trace “1” stencil on red foam twice, cut out slightly outside of lines.

5. Trace “1” stencil on yellow foam twice, cut out slightly within lines.

6. Place yellow number on top of red number. Repeat with second cutouts.

7. Glue red and yellow cutouts together and set aside.

8. Lay 4” jar lid on yellow foam, trace twice.

9. Lay 3” jar lid on black foam, trace twice.

10. Cut out all four circles and glue black circles on top of yellow circles. Set aside.

11. Trace two 2 ¼" squares on black foam and cut out.

12. Trace two 2 ½" squares on yellow foam and cut out.

13. Glue black squares on top of yellow squares and set aside.

C. Assemble boxes

1. Fold flaps of cardboard box in on both ends and secure with duct tape.

2. Wrap cardboard box with precut wrapping paper piece.

3. Wrap express shipping box with wrapping paper.

4. Hot glue wrapped shipping box to wrapped cardboard box.

D. Attach pieces to boxes to make Thomas!

1. Trace the top of 13x18x3 box on black foam, cut out rectangle.

2. Use double sided tape to attach black rectangle to top of box.

3. Form a rectangle on side of 13x18x3 box with red strips, attaching rectangle with double sided tape.

4. Tape black/yellow square to top edge above red rectangle.

5. Turn over box and repeat red rectangle and black/yellow square attachment on other side. 

6. Tape black/yellow circles to the front side of 13x18x3 box near top.

7. Use double-sided tape to attach red foam strips to the side of the 12x12x12 box in rectangle shape, trimming to make pieces fit together.

8. Attach foam number "1" in the center of the rectangle with double sided tape

9. Attach foam arch beneath rectangle and add straight strip below to make “D” shape.

10. Repeat foam techniques on other side of box, then set aside train body.

11. Cut off edges of six small plates. Discard the edges.

12. Cut 12 slits in each plate.

13. Tape blue yarn to underside of plate and wrap to create spokes.

14. Lay train body on its side and glue plate wheel to the inside of box so that half the plate shows below bottom edge.

15. Repeat with the second plate.

16. Fold the third plate in half and glue flat section to the bottom of back box

17. Repeat with three remaining plate-wheels on the second side.

18. Bring in Thomas face plate, toilet paper tube, pipe cleaner and batting.

19. Glue face plate to front of box.

20. Thread batting onto pipe cleaner.

21. Glue pipe cleaner into toilet paper tube.

22. Glue toilet paper tube to the top of Thomas face plate.

23. Cut two pieces of ribbon, approximately 20” long.

24. Attach to inside of box with hot glue or duct tape to form straps. Trick or treat!

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at Project Kid and regularly contributes to national magazines. This craft is not for use by children under three years of age.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.