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DIY Thomas MINIS Ornament

Add a little Thomas to your Christmas tree with this cute, easy DIY ornament!

Use craft time to create Christmas tree decorations: Just take a jar lid and a Thomas MINIS engine to make a cheery DIY ornament.



• Jar lid (3.5 inches) 

• Glitter paper (blue and white) 

• Green construction paper (3 different shades)

• Small twigs 

• Star confetti 

• Hot glue gun 

• Scissors 

• Cord  

• Marker 

• Paper clip/ornament hook 


1. Trace the inside of the jar lid onto blue glitter paper, cut out and hot glue it to the lid. 

2. Trace the bottom section of the lid onto white paper and cut out a half circle. 

3. Bend the top half-inch of the half circle back in a right angle.

4. Glue it into the bottom half of the lid. 

5. Trace 3 bottle tops of various sizes onto green paper and cut out; then cut each in half.

6. With the curve of the semicircle on the left, fold the bottom point under to form the bottom of the tree. Fold back and forth following a triangle shape to create trees.

7. Glue stars to the tops of trees.

8. Cut twigs to half-inch length and glue into the bottom fold of paper for trunks.

9. Arrange the trees and the Thomas MINI train in the lid; then glue down to secure. 

10. Circle the lid with cord and secure with spots of glue. 

11. Tie a bow on top, cut off excess, and use a hook to hang your DIY ornament on the tree!

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.