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4 Fun Learning Games with Thomas & Friends MINIS

Creative ways to help kids learn using Thomas & Friends MINIS

1. Shape Tracing Game 


1. Print out various shapes (e.g. rectangle, triangle, circle) on a piece of paper. 

2. Place each shape in front of your child along with Thomas MINIS and ask your child to line up the trains to outline the shapes. 

2. Counting Game


1. Cut out train shapes in various colors of cardstock or construction paper. Cut out black circles for the wheels and glue all parts together.

2. Cut out large paper circles in various colors. (Do not glue these on the trains.) 

3. Add numbers on each circle and place them on top of each train. Ask your child to line up the equal number of trains to match the number. You can easily take the circle off and add a new number on a new circle!

3. Painting Game


1. Ask your child to add dabs or dots of washable, non-toxic paint to white butcher paper.

2. Make train track paint marks by dragging the Thomas MINIS over the paint.

3. Let your paint dry and hang up as beautiful abstract art—or save to use as custom wrapping paper for gifts. 

4. Letter-Writing Game


1. Print out individual letters. 

2. Add sand to a shallow container and gently shake so it creates a smooth, even surface. 

3. Place a letter in front of your child and ask your child to trace the letter on the sand tray using one of his Thomas MINIS.

4. Repeat with additional letters. To start over, simply shake the sand in the container until it’s smooth and even again.

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.

Agnes Hsu is the founder of Hello, Wonderful, a site for creative arts, crafts, playful products, and everyday fun. This craft is not for use by children under three years of age.