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How to Make a Thomas MINIS Terrarium

Thomas fans will love displaying this MINI terrarium!



Visit your local craft store’s floral department to find the bowl, sand and moss.


• Thomas MINI

• Glass Bowl (a plastic fishbowl may be substituted)

• Colored Sand (blue and beige)

• Gravel/Pebbles

• Preserved Moss

• Sticks

• Craft Stick

• Black Masking Tape or Black Paint

• White Pen or Paint

• Scissors

• Glue


1. Sprinkle blue sand in the bottom of the glass bowl. Add some beige sand and gravel. Add large pebbles. You can also add moss on top of the sand if desired.

2. Glue a small bunch of moss on a stick. Let dry and stick into sand in bowl to make a tree.

3. Cover a craft stick with black masking tape OR paint a craft stick black.


4. Trim the ends of the craft stick so that it can fit in the bowl.


5. Using a white pen or paint, draw or paint train tracks on the black craft stick.


6. Place the train track stick on the sand.

7. Place a Thomas MINI on the track.

8. Put your "mini" world on display!

Note: This is a non-living terrarium and does NOT need to be watered.

Terrarium is intended for decorative use only. Crafts with small parts are not intended for children under age 3.