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Try some of these activities while you are exploring Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails.

1. Count how many Thomas engines and other engines you find in the exhibit with your children.

2. Explore measurement. While in the gallery, have children find things that are the length of their hands. Bring a measuring tape with you and measure things in the gallery.

3. Conduct magnetic experiments with your children. Connect the trains, turn them around and connect them again. Make discoveries about how north and south poles work.

4. Ask your children to search for vocabulary about trains in the exhibit. Have a small tablet to record the vocabulary. Discuss the meanings of the words.

5. Bring stopwatches. Time your children as they move their trains from one location to another. Pose challenges, asking them to find shorter routes or to find the best train for certain jobs.

6. Encourage children to collaborate with you or their siblings to get Percy going or fix the wobbly wheels. Discuss the tools they are using and how they help people. Encourage problem solving when they are not able to find a solution.

7. There may be wait times for some components. Encourage your children to negotiate with others to take turns and share materials. Involve your children in challenges or reading while they wait.